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Youth Outlook logo - Safe, Supported, Celebrated since 1998

Youth Outlook Drop-in Centers offer safe, supportive, and affirming services for LGBTQ+ youth ages 12-20 at no cost. The Downers Grove Center meets weekly and is a social setting for youth to meet other LGBTQ+ young people and talk about a variety of topics that really matter to them. EQDG fundraises to support activities at the Downers Grove Center.

EQDG is proud to have been instrumental in establishing the Downers Grove Youth Outlook Drop-in Center. We continue to support Youth Outlook as a keystone initiative. Donate to help support the Center.

The Name Change Fund

EQuality Downers Grove supports transgender and non-binary individuals. We are pleased to partner with the Transformative Justice Law Project on an initiative to help transgender individuals in Downers Grove and neighboring communities cover the costs of changing their names. This funding is to support individuals who make over the income requirements for a fee waiver through the courts but not enough to cover the costs on their own.

EQDG will help to fund court fees on a first come, first served basis. If you need help covering court fee costs, please complete this intake form through TJLP. The TJLP will help individuals complete their paperwork and determine eligibility for fee waiver or if they will need assistance through our financial fund.

LGBTQ Panel on Acceptance & Inclusion in Downers Grove

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