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The EQDG Board is looking for volunteers who have experience and/or interest in working on our Marketing and Fundraising committees. Please consider serving on one of these two important groups or let us know if you might be interested in volunteering at future EQDG events.

Education Committee

Develops and implements educational initiatives and programs that promote and provide information, learning opportunities, and community engagement related to and supportive of the youth and adult community, regarding LGBTQ+ awareness and support.

Marketing & Communications Committee

Works with the EQDG Board to formulate and implement strategies to facilitate the realization of EQDG’s objectives, which primarily revolve around establishing an inclusive and welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ individuals in Downers Grove. These strategies are enacted through a spectrum of publicity endeavors. The committee will support EQDG in making sure our message reaches all stakeholders including Partner Organizations, Volunteers, General Public, and Youth in the Community.

Fundraising Committee

Responsible for supporting EQDG’s mission by providing guidance, oversight, and support to all major forms of donor planning, development, management, and reporting.

We are driven by values

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George Williams


Julia Castillo

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